Welcome to the world of PowerLane, where you’re in the driver’s seat to book all your needed maintenance with a few clicks, and earn points to use towards future maintenance, parts, and accessories!

PowerLane is a one stop location for All Makes and Models and is authorized to provide manufacturer approved service! Our technicians can perform all maintenance and minor repairs such as tires, brakes, oil changes, maintenance inspections, safety inspections and alignments. Our facility allows for you to watch your vehicle while it’s being serviced as you relax in our comfortable lounge. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and recommend any required repairs and discuss these items with you in easy-to-understand language.

PowerLane is authorized to work on combustion (gas & diesel) engines, hybrid engines, and fully electric vehicles.

PowerLane is designed to value your time from start to finish. Our easy to book online service allows you to book your appointment with accuracy. Our advisors will email or text you back your confirmation of time and confirm the work being performed and the time required, all before you even arrive. The booking service also allows us to keep all our customers safe and socially distant.

We are proud to have this new initiative as part of the Fraser Group and we look forward to adding more and more added benefits for you to enjoy. At PowerLane, we are here to help you Power your way confidently through your day and safely arrive at all your life’s important destinations. We look forward to seeing you at our All New PowerLane Location!

Located at the corner of King and Thornton (west side of Fraser Ford)


Call Direct: 905-576-3153
Text: 905-576-3153

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